Meizu hair Charm Blue Metal: fingerprint recognition for 1099 yuan Curved glass

meilan metal Helio X10 OCTA CORE 2GB LPDDR3 4G FDD 2.5D Curved glass 5.5 INCH 1920*1080 crystal metal Fingerprint

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Meizu hair Charm Blue Metal: fingerprint recognition for 1099 yuan
Beijing time October 21st news, this afternoon, Meizu held a new conference in Beijing, officially launched a thousand yuan level of Charm Blue Metal, the biggest highlight of the machine is the use of integrated metal body design.
According to the Meizu, charm blue metal the integration of the metal fuselage design, selection of Meizu called as “crystal metal” special aluminum material, and join a variety of rare earth, cobalt, titanium, etc. a variety of rare metals, thin and durable, also invented the new new metal die-casting +CNC carved craft. And according to Ali big data, to provide users with white, gray, gold, blue, pink these five colors.
Fuselage, charm blue metal using diamond cutting edge, with 2.5D arc of glass, and to support the fingerprint identification mtouch 2.1, recognition rate of 0.48 seconds, Meizu MX mx5 identification chip and the same.
Hardware configuration and charm blue metal and Meizu MX mx5 is basically the same, the 5.5 inch 1080p display, LTPS materials, the maximum brightness 450nits; equipped with MediaTek Helio X10 mt6795 processor; 2GB lpddr3 memory and EMMC 5.0 16 / 32GB of storage and support up to 128GB microSD card expansion; main photo like 1300 million pixels, support PDAF phase focusing, the fastest AF 0.2 seconds, f / 2.2 aperture, double color flash, full size zero delay, front camera 500 million pixels.
In addition, the machine also supports dual card dual standby dual 4G, built-in 3140mAh battery, operating system directly pre loaded Flyme 5.1.
Specific to the offering, the charm of the blue Matel will be multi platform reservation today, and in November 2nd the official website of the official flagship store and lynx official flagship store. 16GB version of the new machine price 1099 yuan, 32GB version of the price of 1299 yuan, yuan for the sale of goods in the double eleven.
Curved glass

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