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Buychinaphone.com became the only designated agent ZUK brands phone suppliers

The good news, Buychinaphone.com became the only designated agent ZUK brands phone suppliers

buy page:http://www.buychinaphone.com/product.asp?/ZUK-Z1-4G-LTE-Snapdragon801-Octa-Core-Android-5.1-5.5-INCH-IPS-3GB-RAM-64GB-ROM-Smart-Phone-8.0MP+13.0MP-Dual-Sim,1167.html

ZUK is to set up a separate foreign brands, our ZUK will becombined with the overseas brand for customers to provide more, better resources, to allow customers to get more support in the promotion of ZUK overseas brands, ZUK overseas brands with customer service in a number of service points parts of the world, customers can enjoy direct customer service guarantee in the local ZUK, the overseas brand direct delivery in Hongkong, October 25th delivery in Qianhai bonded port area, our products can be directly to the ZUK one on behalf of our overseas, equipped with professional docking Paul macro system, has been practiced for more than half a year, we can be assured of orders, we have an ample supply of goods, and hope our ZUK overseas brands can grow and progress together with you, to reach a win-win situation