where can i buy xiaomi 5 phone

where can i buy xiaomi 5 phone

page http://www.buychinaphone.com/product.asp?/XiaoMi-5-MI5-Millet-MI5-Standard-Edition-5.15Inch-1080P-Qualcomm-Snapdragon-820-3G-RAM-32G-ROM-Dual-Sims-4G+-LTE-16M-Camera-USB-Type-C-Smartphone,1742.html

According to reports, the xiaomi 5 points for two versions, the Standard Version powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 820+3GB memory 32GB flash, 3D glass body, the price of 1999 yuan; high version equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 820+3GB memory 64 GB flash, 3D glass body, price 2299 yuan; exclusive version powered by Qualcomm snapdragon dragon 820+4GB memory + 128G flash, 3D ceramic body, priced at 2699 yuan.
Qualcomm snapdragon 820, Lei Jun explanation said the “performance doubled, power consumption by half”, and declared in running in the Tutu version 6.0 points up to 14 million.
Memory, the use of millet 5 LPDDR4 4G flash memory;, millet 5 equipped with a new generation of UFS2.0, said in a number of indicators of more than eMMC5.0.
On the other hand, millet 5 is equipped with 5.15 inches 1080P screen and 3D ceramic body, the front is equipped with a fingerprint recognition module, weighing about 129G.
In addition, in the standard terms, millet 5 supports 4G+ standard and VoLTE, and supports full Netcom 3 (i.e. 4G dual card). Millet 5 equipped with camera, 16MP camera, 4 axis optical image stabilization. Charging support fast charging 3 hours, allegedly a rechargeable 80%-90%

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